Summer at the Ochsenkopf: Hiking, Biking, Climbing and Enjoying.

Whether you want to do sports or just relax: The Ochsenkopf Mountain is the place to spend your spare time.

Ropeways at Ochsenkopf Mountain

Our comfortable aerial ropeway gondolas make your way up not only easier but make it a real adventure.

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Toboggan fun with the Alpine Coaster Ochsenkopf!

Our latest attraction is the Alpine Coaster in Bischofsgrün, next to valley station North.

Enjoy unexpected views even during your 700 m long way to the top before you dash down the 1000 m long sledging run.


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take a seat and enjoy

hiking trails around the Ochsenkopf mountain

Zone out, relax and enjoy – with a huge variety of hiking paths around the Ochsenkopf mountain.

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hiking trails for everyone

Singletrail and downhill at Ochsenkopf Mountain

The Ochsenkopf Mountain is an insider`s tip for mountain bikers of all levels.

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Climbing at Ochsenkopf Mountain

If alone or in a group: defeat your fear of heights.

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exciting heights

Tickets and prices in summer

No matter if you spend your whole day or only a few hours at our mountain. With different ticket options you will find a ticket which suits your plan for the day.

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